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Born and raised in California, Jessica Ciarla moved to New York in 2001 to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry. She launched her career working for top fashion magazines including FHM and YM, but soon began to expand her resume. During her seven years in New York, Ciarla immersed herself in every aspect of fashion – from styling, fashion design, bespoke tailoring, magazine editorial and fashion public relations.  


‘CIARLAbride,’ came to fruition after she created five couture bridesmaid dresses for a friend’s wedding. Ciarla spent a year fine-tuning her brand in Florence, Italy, where she received her Masters in Advanced Fashion Design at Polimoda International Institute of Design and Marketing. Determined to create dresses that bridesmaids would want to wear became her passion and was the beginning concept to her creation of the brand "CIARLAbride."


In 2009, Ciarla moved to Austin and launched her collection of stylish bridesmaid dresses designed to last longer than the affair. Not like the typical bridal line, ‘CIARLAbride’ collections are created with a high-fashion vision, wherein a mood board is developed, swatches in prints and unique fabrics are chosen and a visionary collection is created to transform a poetic dream into reality. The cohesion of color ensures that the bridal party will be as stunning as anything the bride could have ever envisioned. The success of her bridesmaid collection paved way to her little white dress collection designed for the modern bride. Ciarla's collection has expanded into a full range of stylish dresses and gowns that can be ordered in a variety of colors and fabrications. Every year Ciarla returns to New York where she presents her collections to top buyers around the world.


Jessica continues to grow her brand and mentors fashion students at her Atelier. She works as a Fashion Lecturer at the Unviersity of Texas in Austin and at the Art Institute. She received her BA in Communications at California Polytechnic State University, her second Masters in Mass Communication and Public Relations and is currently pursuing an MFA in Fashion Design at the Acadamey of Art. She enjoys living in South Austin with her husband, daughter and baby boy. 

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